DIY and Home Improvement Projects Including Gardening and Upcycling

Adding value to your home doesn’t need to be an expensive, time-consuming project with contractors; with some sweat equity and DIY spirit, there are plenty of projects that will add value without draining your savings or breaking the bank. From increasing curb appeal, updating kitchen or bathroom features or creating extra storage space – these easy home improvement and gardening ideas are budget-friendly solutions that anyone can try on their own!

Homeowners during the pandemic have taken advantage of their extra free time to tackle home improvement and renovation projects that may not have been possible under normal circumstances, due to factors like increased household safety concerns and limited service provider availability; yet many owners remain eager to enhance their homes despite such obstacles.

CivicScience conducted a recent survey that revealed Home Depot and Lowe’s are the top home improvement retailers for those planning DIY projects in 2021, followed by Menards and Ace Hardware. When shopping for materials and tools necessary to DIY projects, millennials are the most likely group of consumers to visit these stores; other demographics may include adults living rurally or having lower income levels.

Before undertaking a DIY project, homeowners must assess their skill set and level of comfort with undertaking DIY. Some tasks, like painting an accent wall, may be suitable for beginners while other may require intermediate skill such as refinishing wood decks or installing flooring with laminate that looks like wood. It’s also important to remember that DIY projects don’t always turn out exactly how planned; mistakes made without prior experience using necessary equipment could prove dangerous or even costly.

Gardening projects are an enjoyable and therapeutic activity to do together as a family. There’s something special about creating something beautiful out of nothing with gardening projects; whether that be creating a simple herb garden or something more intricate like flower gardening – everyone can find their niche! But no matter your choice of gardening activity there’s sure to be something enjoyable and healthy living can only benefit.

Another fantastic DIY gardening idea is upcycling items. Converting old car tires to planters is an efficient and fun way to reduce waste while adding rustic charm to your garden, or convert a regular garbage can into a rain barrel for watering purposes. Repurposing items you already own also saves both supplies and labor costs when starting new projects; try these upcycled garden ideas this summer to create an engaging hobby with family or friends!

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