Benefits of Built-In Appliances

As part of your dream kitchen build or upgrade, appliances play an essential role in both its functionality and aesthetics. While freestanding models may offer greater versatility, integrated ones often present more streamlined looks which enhance overall kitchen designs.

Built-in appliances are specifically designed to be integrated seamlessly into your kitchen cabinetry or walls for a uniform and cohesive appearance. Many models feature panel ready options, enabling a custom cover that matches your cabinetry to be attached directly onto the front of the appliance for a uniform and cohesive look. In addition to creating a uniform aesthetic, built-in appliances may help save on space – making them the ideal option for homes with limited counter or storage space.

Built-in appliances offer many advantages for homeowners; however, some may still be reluctant to install this type of system in their space. To help make an informed decision about this option, we have put together a list of some of the key benefits of built-in appliances.

Improved Ergonomics

Many built-in appliances are created with ergonomics in mind, meaning they’re placed at comfortable heights and within easy reach, which can reduce back strain while making using them simpler and quieter than freestanding units. Furthermore, built-ins typically don’t vibrate as much when opening or closing them than freestanding models can.

Built-In Appliances Offer Improved Aesthetics

One of the primary advantages of built-in appliances is their ability to add an aesthetically pleasing element to your kitchen. Concealed behind cabinet doors or panels for a minimalist style that may appeal to many homeowners, built-in models come in an assortment of finishes and materials so you can choose one that matches the design aesthetic of your kitchen perfectly.

Built-in appliances may be more expensive than freestanding ones, but they add a layer of sophistication and unifying elements that enhance your kitchen design and add value to your home while creating a modern environment in which to cook, entertain and relax.

Before installing new built-in appliances, it’s essential to first measure the area in which they will go. This will ensure they fit without issue while also making sure they complement your space perfectly.

If you’re considering adding built-in appliances to your kitchen, be sure to reach out. At Gulf Coast Appliance, we can assist in finding the perfect appliances and ensure their proper installation and upkeep – we will even keep an eye out for any maintenance needs in the future!

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