What are the most popular sushi rolls in Japan? Discovering Japanese favorites

Sushi is Japan’s most famous and loved culinary export. The international palate has created a variety of sushi rolls, such as the California roll. However, the sushi popular in Japan is simpler and focuses on the quality and flavor of the ingredients. Let’s explore some of the most popular rolls in the Land of the Rising Sun. 

1. Tekkamaki (Tuna Roll)

Tekkamaki, a simple tuna roll, is a delicious and healthy snack. The name “tekka”, meaning “hot iron”, was derived because the roll resembled the color of an iron heated to a high temperature. This roll is eaten quickly at sushi bars, and it is also a staple of traditional tea ceremonies.

2. Kappamaki

This roll is named after the Japanese water imp ‘kappa,’ who loves cucumbers. This is a great option for a palate-cleanser between fish.

3. Tamagoyaki

This sushi roll is dominated by a slightly sweet, layered egg. Tamagoyaki is a deliciously sweet dish, with a fluffy texture that contrasts beautifully against the vinegared risotto.

4. Negitoromaki – Green Onion and Tuna Roll

This delicious mixture of finely chopped toro (toro), green onions, and a sweet sauce is a favorite among sushi lovers. This combination of tuna and green onions is a sushi fan favorite.

5. Umejiso Maki

This roll is a combination of sour, aromatic and pickled plum flavors (umeboshi). It also contains shiso leaves. This is a combination of traditional Japanese tastes.

6. Ebi Tempura Maki (Tempura Shrimp Roll)

This roll is a fusion between the old and new. It contains a tempura-fried piece of shrimp. This roll is crunchy and delicious. It’s often served with eel or sesame sauce.

7. Unakyu Maki

This roll combines grilled eel with cucumber (often brushed in a sweet sauce based on soy). The eel’s umami-rich flavor contrasts with the crisp, freshness of cucumber.

8. Kanpyo Maki

Kanpyo is a dried gourd strip that has been rehydrated, then simmered with a sweet-salty sauce. This roll is unique in its slightly chewy texture, and has a slight sweetness.

The global sushi scene has innovated to meet local tastes and created a variety of creative rolls. However, traditional Japanese favorites remain simple and appreciate the intrinsic flavors of each ingredient. If you are planning a trip or visiting a traditional Japanese bar, these authentic rolls will take you on a culinary journey through the heart of Japanese cuisine.

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