The Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise

Anaerobic exercise (an exercise without oxygen) should never be overdone; working too hard will drain too much oxygen from your muscles and require rest between sets. Anaerobic workouts offer numerous advantages such as muscle strengthening, reduced blood sugar levels, and cardiovascular improvements; to reap their maximum advantages it should become part of your regular workout regime under guidance of a fitness instructor.

Anaerobic exercise can include anything from using one of the best exercise bikes for a sprint to high intensity interval training (HIIT) and weight lifting; any physical activity that demands intense exertion for short durations will enter your anaerobic energy system and make you sweat.

Anaerobic exercise requires your body to break down glucose into ATP for energy distribution to your muscles. When this supply runs out, glycogen stores itself as fat cells in both muscles and liver tissue.

Anaerobic exercises can be great for building strength, but can be extremely taxing on the joints and muscles. Therefore, before and after every session it’s essential to stretch and warm-up appropriately as well as taking breaks in between workout sessions to relax your joints and muscles. Furthermore, it’s also key to stay hydrated both before and after every workout session!

Integrating anaerobic exercise into your regular workout routine can help lower the risk of chronic disease, improve overall physical functioning and boost mental well-being. Anaerobic exercises in particular have been proven to significantly decrease blood pressure as they burn low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, that clogs arteries and limits circulation to both heart and brain.

Anaerobic exercise has also been shown to lead to improved mood states and reduced depressive symptoms, and one study conducted in 2021 concluded that regular weight training also stimulated bone-forming cells which could increase your bone density while decreasing osteoporosis risk as you age.

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