Customized Nutrition Plans For Pets

Customized nutrition plans are becoming a popular choice for pet parents, as they allow you to customize a meal plan based on your dog’s individual requirements. Whether your pup needs weight loss or has food allergies, customized diets can give them the best chance at staying healthy and contented.

Protein is an integral part of any customized dog’s diet. Not only does it aid in muscle building and repair, but also keeps your pup strong and energetic. Plus, protein helps absorb fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K for added benefits.

Fiber is another essential nutrient for dogs, not only helping them digest their food but also aiding with gastrointestinal health.

Thankfully, several companies provide custom diet plans for dogs and cats that can be delivered directly to your home – making them a convenient and simple choice for busy pet parents.

Just Food for Dogs (JFD) uses a veterinary team to craft custom recipes tailored to your dog’s dietary needs. The process begins with filling out a questionnaire which the JFD veterinary team will review and contact you within 72 hours. After your information has been submitted, an experienced nutritionist will begin work on creating the ideal recipe just for your pup.

Once your customized recipe is sent to you via email, including all relevant details and an estimated cost, the cost ranges from $280-$700 monthly depending on ingredients used and amount fed your dog.


The website offers several diet options, such as fresh raw diets in minced and smooth pate forms, freeze-dried raw diets and kibble. All of the diets have been developed by veterinary nutritionists and are USDA-certified to meet USDA quality standards.

They offer a trial plan as an excellent way to try out the diet before investing in it. Plus, they’ll send you a personalized feeding guide so that you know exactly how to prepare the food.


Just Right is a dry dog food company that delivers their customized blend of high-quality ingredients right to your door. Their kibbles contain no artificial colors or by-products and are free from additives or preservatives for optimal freshness.

Each food formula is vet and nutritionist-approved, plus they offer a monthly subscription service so you can feed your dog a new formula every few weeks or months. Plus, you have the option to customize their diet by adding treats to their meals, or selecting between dry and wet options.

This site offers a range of meal options for dogs and cats, from fresh or freeze-dried raw to kibble and dry chow. Each plan is personalized by taking into account your pet’s individual needs and preferences as well as your budget.

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